Best Fertilizer Sticks for Plants India 2021

Best Fertilizer Sticks for Plants India 2021

Best Fertilizer Sticks for Plants India 2021 

Topic –Best Fertilizer Sticks for Plants India 2021 / Click Here For 45% Off


Best Fertilizer Sticks for Plants India 2021


About Best Fertilizer Sticks for Plants India 2021 


We are here with our fertilizer stick which is a Modernized and Hassle-Free Fertilizer. It contributes to creating no Mess no Smell. With these Feromones Fertilizer sticks, you can undoubtedly fertilize your Plants for 45 Days in Just a few Moments !! This fertilizer falls under the category of best fertilizer sticks in India.


How to use this fertilizer? Feromones Fertilizer Sticks are prepared in a vessel that is also reusable. The stickers on the box are created in such a way that they give no deposit after removal so that you can reuse this box.


While using this amazing Fermones fertilizer stick. You only have to Implant sticks in Moist Soil and sprinkle your plants then. With each time you irrigate your plants with a small volume of fertilizer stick is dissolved in soil and nutrients are delivered which are then driven by Plant roots. It is good enough that 1 stick runs for 45 Days.


Where these Fermones fertilizers can be Used?  You can use them For Indoor Plants or Plants in Partial Sunlight. Feromones plant food stick can be utilized in all sorts of indoor plants as well as plants kept in partial sunlight (wherever kept in Balcony/ Window ). Nitrogen, Potassium, and Micro Nutrients all these are present in Feromones Plant food stick Encourages Healthy Growth and lavish Green greenery.


The fertilizer is best for Outdoor Plants. Feromones Plant Food Sticks can be utilized in all kinds of outdoor plants like Flowering Plants, Vegetable plants, and Fruit Plants/Trees in Pots. It includes Seaweed Extract and Phosphorous which encourages healthy and Superb flowers and Fruits.


Feromones Plant Food Stick Renders Complete Balanced nourishment to your Plants. The Seaweed extracts present in the fertilizer hold the major and minor nutrients, vitamins, cytokinins, auxin, and abscisic acid which are growth-upgrading materials.


There is also present a Humic Acid. For crops, Humic acids are considered as chelators. They unite minerals to secure them into organic mixtures that can be ingested by plants more simply.


There is also the presence of Amino Acid & Fulvic Acids. Amino Acids serve to enhance chlorophyll absorption in the plant managing a higher rate of photosynthesis. This produces crops rich Green. It is the best fertilizer sticks in India.


Feromones Plant Food Sticks Includes Calcium, Magnesium, Iron, Boron, Manganese, Zinc, Copper, and Other Quintessential Micro Nutrients. Feromones Plant Food Sticks Includes Naturally acquired Plant Growth Hormones like Auxins, Gibberellins & Cytokinins.


Nitrogen which is present is so essential because it is a significant component of chlorophyll, the composite by which plants utilize sunlight for Photosynthesis.


The fertilizer also contains Phosphorous which helps in keeping Stimulated root growth, Increases stalk and stem strength, Improves flower development, and seed production. Supports Improvements in crop quality.


Potassium present in the fertilizer helps to enhance the plant’s total hardiness to resist drought, cold temperatures, and salinity and safeguard against diseases and pathogens.


The Phosphorous and Potassium available in sticks encourages beautiful Flowers. You can use 1 stick Per plant for pots up to 8 Inches in Diameter, 2 Sticks for pots more than 8 Inches in Diameter every 45 Days. It exerts 15-45 Days Depending upon the plant to show effects.


Please remark plants develop and provide flowers throughout their season only and along with fertilizers your plants also requires proper sunlight, Just sufficient watering, and good soil to develop properly. It is a Bio Fertilizer including all needed Nutrients if you want you can utilize organic fertilizers along with it.


Features of Best Fertilizer Sticks for Plants India 2021


  • It’s a Slow Release Plant Fertilizer manufactured especially for Pot Plants
  • It encourages Beautiful Flowers and Fresh Growth of the plants.
  • Its an ideal for all Indoor plants and Outdoor Garden Plants in Pots.
  • The fertilizer Comprises Seaweed Fertilizer, Humic Acid, and Micro Nutrients which are very beneficial for healthy plant growth.
  • This Fertilizer sticks best for plants In Home Garden.





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